Google will punish overzealous search optimisers

April 25, 2012


INTERNET SEARCH FIRM Google has taken a look at its search rankings, explaining that it will penalise those web sites that over-egg their search optimisation cake. The firm’s ranking algorithm or Panda system is a difficult beast to ride, and many web sites have complained that changes to it have seen them fall down the rankings. Google […]

CES 2012: Technology from CES that will impact the next generation of devices

January 16, 2012


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is normally just associated with new gadgets, but a lot of innovative technologies also make their debut at the event. Karan Bajaj takes a look at a few key aspects that will impact the next generation of devices we use in 2012. Better Energy Management: Energy management within the home […]

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Best Marketing Reflections for your Business

December 19, 2011


Social networking commenced as a baffling disorder for more developing companies. Since then, assemblies of world large web developers, internet service providers and engineers have simplified the understanding through world large web apps, brainy handset requests for paid job and user-friendly APIs. Now the method of selling your enterprise through public broadcasting is less difficult […]

17 most important Web Developer’s SEO Checklist

December 14, 2011


Basic and most important SEO checklist for a web developer at the time of launching new website: URL Length = Generic Keyword rather than targeted Image Size and Name = Preferable jpeg due to small in size and name should be optimized Click-Depth (Depth of URL) = Max 3 Page Size < 100kb Links Placement […]

Google Doodle Readies Voters for Egypt Election

November 28, 2011


Google is highlighting the 2011 Egyptian elections with a doodle on its search homepage for Egypt. Each of the six letters that spell out “Google” perform an action of the voting process — from waiting in line to adding a vote to the ballot box. Monday marks the country’s first parliamentary elections since President Hosni […]

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The Top 10 SEO Tips

November 21, 2011


From the obvious to the “Hey-I-never-thought-of-that-great-idea-before”, here are 10 of the top 52 tips on how to optimize your website for its turbo-charge rocket ride up the search engine rankings. Be bold. Use the tags around some of your keywords on each page. Do NOT use them everywhere the keyword appears. Once or twice is […]

Blocking Social Media – Yes Or No?

November 2, 2011


Two statements, two very different approaches to freedom of expression on the web. The first: “When people are using social media for violence we need to stop them. “So we are working with the police, the intelligence services and industry to look at whether it would be right to stop people communicating via these websites […]