Reasons WHY my ranking go downward

Posted on August 28, 2012


After Google pet animals (Panda, Penguin) born everyone gone wild and thinking about how they can kill those animals. Here I like to discuss something that will definitely help you to prevent those animals’ side effects.

Let’s talk about how to make your website save from these Google updates:

  1. Check your website content that should be unique, and add authorship tag to authorize your content.
  2. Check your internal linking that would be optimizes according to Google suggestions and make sure all links are in working.
  3. Do not stuff keyword and always try to target editorial link into the content rather than stuffing only keywords.
  4. Do not over optimize your website use Open Site Explore to check rank of your all page and do your best whatever tool suggests you.
  5. Do not practice to create replica of pages to target same keywords.
  6. Always target or linking with variation of keywords and try to get editorial link rather than blog comments, directories, forum profiles and all that.
  7. Use Open Site Explore and Majestic SEO to check link profile and remove all low domain authority, and low trust, citation flow links.
  8. Do not practice paid linking and link wheels.
  9. Helping others so as they will link to your website and that link will help you to rank well rather than put your own link on different places.
  10. In last I want to summarize, DO real work, do not stuff and over optimize, do not target same keyword again and again, get editorial link and socialize yourself through guest blogging so as people link to your website.

These are some basic points which will help us to rank well and prevent us by hurting Google Updates. Leave your opinion and need your more suggestion in comment area.

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