Inbound Marketers Responsibilites

Posted on June 26, 2012


As an inbound marketer we have different responsibilities. Now let’s talk about two major responsibilities, primary is to achieve goals (conversion) and secondary is to divert traffic, these two are core responsibilities which client or customer is asking for and need us to fulfill .  From my past experiences I have learnt a lot, experienced from different communities and from different people, I would certainly mention my idols name here: Neil PatelRand Fishkin,  GianlucaFiorelliDanny Sullivan and off course Matt Cutts.

Now letsmove on to our main topic i.e. core responsibilities for inbound marketer:

How to Increase Conversion Rate:

First of all build your brand and improve your presentation, when a user come to your website and finds some interesting and attractive things then he will definitely fill your contact form.

Try to add big names in your client list, User will check only two things your presentation and your previous work and clients so improve your client list.

Never update and focus same feature and functionality products or services this will reduce your conversion rate, always put diversity in your work.

Make sure your contact page button or number is prominent to your website and easy to get if user face difficulties to get your contact form he will leave your website.

Put some good feedback or testimonials into your website to get more trust from your new potential customers.

Check following screen shot this website seems simple but have all required functionality.

Cygnis Media

How to Increase Traffic:

I think this question’s answer is awaited by all technical and non-technical audience. Now let’s talk about it.

First of all to get traffic you have to hire dedicated content writer to update your blog and website.

Update you blog and website on weekly basis, if you hired dedicated person so you have to update on daily basis.

Check trends and their insights to update news and blogs in Google products.

Search same niche and same interest people through different tools and mention them into your post to get more engagement try Twellow this tool will help you to search people with their BIO. Try Monitter tweetsSocial MentionTweet Deck.

Create surveys and events and ask people to participate but make sure your targeted people are interested what you want share with them.

Use Google plus to get visitors through organic searches too and mention high profile peoples who have huge followers in their circles.

First you have to select your targeted region and then search the market what will be the best time for sharing and on which time your targeted region has maximum online people to share with.

If you have some more ideas please share your views I am looking for your feedback Thanks.