SEO Tips to get rank well in just 60 days

Posted on May 31, 2012


Most of the time companies and organizations like to promote their businesses through search engines but unfortunately they hire some of the spammers around us, So I like to share some successful off page tips to get rank well and higher in just 60 days:

Off Page tips

Have a Look:

  • Try to create Company profiles by using http://know.em website and leverage your brand.
  • Try to get links from different domains.
  • Try to share links and mention same interest people, suggest you to use  to find out people according to their Bio.
  • Try to get links from high authority domain websites .edu / .org  / .gov . You can find these domain by using this simple query: “KEYWORD”  or “KEYWORD” or “KEYWORD”
  • Participate in different guest blogging website but make sure that the website is giving the link in author section or not. I suggest you to participate in following webs:

and off course

  • Try to write articles for good websites like:

  • Try to get 10 directories and 10 Classifieds link per day with high Alexa websites.
  • Try to target variation in anchor text and avoid targeting same keyword or phrase continuously.
  • Try to update blog at least one post per week and use Free Newsletter service like: to make your content viral and try to force your subscriber to share your post into the social world.
  • I have shared some of the high authority websites but if you need more website with same authority try to use related query in Google like..

related: This query will give you the related website as you looking for.

  • Last but not the least, try to avoid instant approved websites link because that will harm your ranking, always prefer moderate links or prefer to check DA of the website in SEOmoz tool bar.
  • Always focus on Quality of the link rather than Quantity.

Hope this basic post will guide you and get your websitehigher in ranking in just 60 Days.  Please share your feedback in comment box area.