Google Penguin Why You Updated So Late

Posted on May 15, 2012


penguin update algorithmNow a Days #Penguin word is used in almost all blog posts in inbound Marketing. Everyone talking about Penguin Penguin and I am pretty much happy after this update and I think all the inbound marketers who were on right path and using white hat techniques never worry about any Google update, Because these updates only hurt Spammers and the marketers who adopts short cuts. Now take quick overviews who were hurt after this update:

Major Break down after Google Penguin Let see who were suffer:

  • Website which was targeting two or three keywords continuously to the same URL.
  • Website which was stuffed keywords more than Search Engine (Google) allow.
  • Website which was creating bulk back link profiles with no variety in links.
  • Website which was almost dead no updates.
  • Website which was creating more and more pages to target same keyword with no sense.

Google Penguin Update is one of the Major Update after Panda. And these kind of updates give us some release to take fresh breath. I Suggest to all Inbound Marketer never think about or worry regarding Google Update, if you are doing a good and sensible work and never ever adopt any bad or black hat technique. This will definitely hurt you in future after 3 months , one year or might be after some years but it will definitely hurt your website. SO always try to do thing Natural and positive