17 most important Web Developer’s SEO Checklist

Posted on December 14, 2011


Basic and most important SEO checklist for a web developer at the time of launching new website:
  1. URL Length = Generic Keyword rather than targeted
  2. Image Size and Name = Preferable jpeg due to small in size and name should be optimized
  3. Click-Depth (Depth of URL) = Max 3
  4. Page Size < 100kb
  5. Links Placement = Main links should be place in main nav bar, rather than sidebar or footer
  6. Usage of Scripting language = Less use of script languages
  7. Place script outside the HTML code
  8. Add Alt Attribute in Images
  9. Try to use less images and use div for design image and put text into it
  10. Use Word press for Development (Recommended)
  11. No Hidden Text
  12. Create two sitemap formats (XML and HTML)
  13. Create Robots.txt file
  14. Proper Linking
  15. Top category pages directly link to home page
  16. Add all important meta tags
  17. Follow W3c Standards

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