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Posted on October 20, 2011


Well we just redirected our blog-spot post to here so maximum users can access it as TechFilled is one of popular e-world blogs. Once again we say thanks to our friend Sajjad who contributed in it blank Get Google+ Plus Invite Lets talk about content now….

Google+, the largest and the most used search engine’s reply to Facebook, is finally out. It is currently in testing mode. But it seems like many masses of people have already got access to it. And Yes I am one of them.

The Google+ project is big G’s social initiative that brings Circles, Sandbar, Sparks, Huddle,Hangouts and more to millions of users of Google. Brief introduction of these feature is written below.

  • Circles: think social circles, akin to Facebook’s groups
  • Sandbar: a user-unifying toolbar
  • Sparks: a search engine for sharing content between users
  • Huddle: a group messaging app that allows users to share with certain “Circles”
  • Hangouts: group video chatting designed to allow up to 10 users video chat at once

You can read more about Google+ on the Google official blog post.

For the last few days, Google+ invites have not been available to the public, but apparently Google is prepared to test the service with a larger group. Google+ users will find a button that allows them to invite their friends on the Google+ Stream page. Invites are also available if a Google+ user shares content with a non-user via email.

Google+ Invitations are in high demand. I just posted one update on Facebook’s wall, and I have received over 100 requests for invites. Request for Google+ invites are flooding Facebook and Twitter.

How to get Google+ Invite:

Are you on Google +? Have you gotten a Google+ invite yet? Let us know what you think of Google’s social service in the comments. And we will send you Google plus invite and then you can invite other people as well…

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