Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

Posted on September 19, 2011

With more than 120 million blogs in alive, how perform population find YOUR content on the Internet? The key commences with many explore motor optimization (SEO), which is an art and a research that aids explore mechanical devices divulge your content and appreciate how pertinent it is to precise explore queries.

You can blog your heart out, but if you don’t have good SEO, then odds are you won’t have more readers. Luckily, the WordPress plugin community ideals SEO and has deduced some plugins to help. Here are 20 of the best SEO plugins to aid you decide the right tags, advise explore robots what to work on, optimize your send labels and more.

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All in One SEO Pack – One of the most admired plugins ever for WordPress, this plugin does a bit of everything for you from aiding decide the best send label and keywords, to aiding you avert reproduce content and more.

Automatic SEO Links – Automatic SEO Links sanctions you to decide a remark or expression for automated bonding, both inside and external, set anchor text, decide if it should be “nofollow” or not, and more. One of the best aspects of this plugin is that it will only perform this for the first happening of a remark in a send so you don’t have to anxiety about spamming your send with several bonds to the matching thing.

Google XML Sitemaps – An very needed implement in any blogger’s armory of SEO tools. While the label only mentions “Google,” this plugin brings ahead an XML-sitemap that can be read by Ask, MSN and Yahoo also.

HeadSpace2 – This plugin sanctions you to fit all types of meta-data, add precise JavaScript and CSS to pieces of paper, puts forward tags for your sends and a total item more.

Meta Robots WordPress plugin – An not hard result for augmenting robot metadata to any piece of paper you decide on your blog. You can use it to make your front piece of paper bonds into “nofollows,” stop indexing of explore pieces of paper, disable writer and date-based archives, stop indexing of your login piece of paper and several other features.

Nofollow Case by Case – This plugin sanctions you to band the “nofollow” lead from your observations, and then you can ask for it to only the observations you don’t hope to support.

Platinum SEO Plugin – The Platinum SEO Plugin bids you such aspects as automated 301 redirects for permalink modifications, auto-generation of META tags, send slug optimization, aid in averting reproduce content and a manager of other features.

Redirection – For any number of justifications you at times want to progress a piece of paper from one site on your blog to another, but then you risk suffer forfeit that page’s position in explore results. Redirection aids you with your 301 redirects, captures a log of 404s so you can work on rectifying them, collections up an RSS feed for wrongdoings and more.

SEO Blogroll – Do you anxiety that the population you bond to in your blogroll are feeding off of your PageRank? With SEO Blogroll you can make split segments for assorted groupings of bonds, with an unlimited number in each, and all of them will accept the “nofollow” attribute.

SEO for Paged Comments – With the introduction of summoned observations in WordPress 2.7, there was a capability obstacle with explore mechanical devices recollecting you had reproduce content as the send would show on each page. This plugin strives to heed of this subject for you until the folks at WordPress change things up.

SEO congenial and HTML applicable subheadings – Some subjects for WordPress will baffle your sub-header tags supported on the piece of paper they are to be shown clearly on, but this plugin will self-acting reset them to make them more SEO congenial by departing them down one site in the hierarchical tree. In other remarks, h2 becomes h3, h3 becomes h4 and so on.

SEO Friendly Images – Images can be a many source of traffic as population explore for diagrams of assorted themes, and this plugin aids you with establishing definite that you have “alt” and “title” tags on all of your diagrams in order that the explore mechanical devices can suitably indicator them.

SEO No Duplicate WordPress Plugin – If you ought have reproduce content on your place for no matter what justification, SEO No Duplicate will sanction you to state which variety of the send explore mechanical devices should indicator while dismissing the others.

SEO Post Link – The send slug is the blog label you observe in a browser’s URL bar, and if it’s too long, explore mechanical devices won’t take a fondness to it. SEO Post Link draws close with an now populated table of remarks to slice from a label when it turns into a URL to make your send positions that much friendlier. You can set it in order that it’s constricted to a certain number of attributes, slice short remarks, slice unwarranted remarks and more.

SEO Smart Links – Interlinking your blog can be the key to getting more population to read more of your sends, but it is time using and tedious to perform it by hand. SEO Smart Links does this for you self-acting when you advise it what remarks to bond to what URLs, and it in addition sanctions you to set “nofollow” and “open in window” comands for the links.

SEO Tag Cloud Widget – Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, many of population use tag clouds on their blogs. Since their inception they have been without bias unreadable by explore mechanical devices, but with this plugin they will be changed to an SEO-friendly HTML markup that can be indexed.

SEO Title Tag – Your tags are an valued part of your place for establishing definite that explore mechanical devices recognise where to position your sends, and SEO Title Tag focuses wholly on this. Unlike some other plugins, and WordPress itself, this widening will sanction you to add tags to your pieces of paper, your principle piece of paper and even any URL every where on your site.

Simple Tags – An greatly admired plugin that focuses on aiding you decide the best tags for your sends by suggesting ideas, auto-completion of tags as you sort, an AJAX admin interface, mass tag modifying and a total item more.

Sitemap Generator – This is a more customizable sitemap generator than most with picks to support multi-level groups and pieces of paper, category/page exclusion, permalink support, options on what to show clearly, picks to present number of observations and more. SEO WordPress Plugin – This actual plugin will perform most of the typical SEO work of optimizing labels and keywords, but it adds a sole turn as it is chiefly conducted at population who use WordPress as a CMS.

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