Google Plus, Advantages and Disadvantages

Posted on July 18, 2011


Today I was thinking about Google plus, and willing to write on Google plus advantages and disadvantages; now let me start with these differences:


  • Google plus provides  you to follow and comment without any moderation and make your personality viral in between big profile people.
  • Google plus provides you to follow stream as you defined in your circles and it is easy to follow the people at the right time.
  • Google plus provides you latest Google news in the mean of Google sparks, now you are just add your personal spark to your profile and make yourself up to date.
  • Google plus provides you to make business deals easily with face to face and gaining more trust with your clients rather than Skype calling. Because Google plus now gives you opportunity to get maximum trust from your clients with video conferencing calling, it is now easy with Google hangouts.
  • Google plus provides you connect with your same niche professional peoples and make you more viral between those people and get more work as well.


  • Google plus not helping in Organic results as peoples were think
  • Google plus right now is only seems like for professional work rather than entertainment social network site as Facebook.
  • Google plus make you visible to everyone, lack of privacy right know
  • Google plus is still not available for everyone. (But already hit 10 million users, Amazing)
  • Google plus not provide you to synchronize different services like twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook as well.

Please share what you experience and also mention the more advantages and disadvantages in comment box.