How to Use Twitter Following and Follower Numbers as an Effective Metric

Posted on May 3, 2011

I spend distance many moment thinking approximately Twitter than I should. I endeavour out most of the free (and a number of paid) analytics tools.  I A/B accounts shape reports for consumers towards see which resonates most.

But a lot of my insights arrive from just doing. I spend again twenty hours a week onto Twitter and at lowest another ten doing related projects.  The strategy I am going towards show is largely born out of experience how Twitter works across my primary personal fund , and otherwise taking that experience and applying it towards consumer accounts.  Sometimes an suggestion curves out towards possess a number of usefulness, a lot moments not.

This strategy is just one of numerous methods and filters I consume, but I do feel that it is a greatly effective criteria which should be a activating degree for targeting prospect followers.

Here is the strategy.

Target accounts whose consecutive and follower numbers both dip between 200 and 700.

Try towards incorporate that when thinking approximately whom towards pursue, whom towards follow-back, whom towards award, and whom towards add towards lists.

Here is a break-down of why this targeting strategy captures number of different criteria by processes of this particular range of following/follower numbers.

Following less than 700

These accounts haven’t got into the numbers toy and necessarily aren’t an automatic or mass pursue account.  Additionally, their Twitter Timeline is necessarily still meaningful towards them. They haven’t had towards consume lists towards filter out whom they view.  This is the most meaningful criterion of the criteria.  Getting person towards pursue your fund whom pursues less than 700 civilians earns it much many necessarily that they shall actually look a number of of your tweets.

Following many than 200

They are less necessarily towards be an fund that alone pursues a appoint few people.  This isn’t towards say that they shall pursue any fund, but whether you provide something of importance you possess a fair shot.  You also are preventing civilians whom are totally novel towards Twitter or whom didn’t encounter the service coercing adequate towards stick with it. It is a cue that they are open towards consecutive accounts that are novel towards them.

Less than 700 Followers

This criteria avoids civilians whom already possess so a lot civilians paying consideration towards what they column that they are less necessarily towards affect a novel follower that they don’t know.

More than 200 Followers

They possess put the moment into Twitter towards construct an audience.  It powers not be a wide audience, but I possess located accounts within the 200-700 range tend towards possess many engagement.

By mixing the criteria you skirt accounts that pursue 2000 but alone are pursued via 300 or vice versa. Obviously whether you can get a tall follower fund that achieved that without a lot pursues, that is a nice land, but at the equivalent moment, those accounts are unlikely towards pursue a novel fund based onto beyond history.  You can profession toward getting those “influencers”, but you better supply impressive content as well as established a popularity for doing so.

I need towards be clear; I am not remarking civilians whom pursue many than 700 civilians are cheating the system or aren’t quality following. A pair of my favorite civilians onto Twitter pursue again 700 accounts (as well as the negotiate of below 200).  My grading is that whether you know nothing approximately the fund or fellow, otherwise facing their following/follower numbers and consuming the 200-700 criteria earns sense.

Also, it should be signed that Twitter isn’t just approximately being heard.  I pursue approaching hundred accounts whereas I possess none expectation that they shall ever pursue me.  I pursue them because they provide practical or interesting information.