Face-to-Face Networking — or Social Media Marketing? Who Would Win in a Fight?

Posted on March 21, 2011


Who would win in a fight? Real-time, face-to-face networking or online social media marketing?

Well, neither one, silly. They are truly an equal match in what they can each achieve and deliver as you brandyourself in person, and then present who you are and your business DNA online!

I’m going to be honest..There was a time, when my business was just fledgling, when my confidence level wasn’t quite where it should be in regards to my representation of my product, social media marketing and monsulting. I was a wee bit anxious about getting out there with my elevator pitch and promoting myself and my platform in front of potential clients. However, with continued growth, endless hours of training modules, and diving in and building my own online networks, I knew when it was “high time” to push my office chair back, get out from behind my monitor and go “Crowd Diving” as a friend of mine calls it!

Each business person must understand that what you do on the ground within your networking circles, local Chambers of Commerce events, and word-of-mouth advertising on the street, and the events you attend,  isextremely vital to establishing yourself as a credible business person that others will want to partner with. Your ultimate goal is all about gaining influence and getting your name known.  Whether you do that in real life circles, or make the decision to take your marketing efforts in front of an entirely new target audience online using Social Media Marketing one goes hand in hand and compliments the other.

Here are (5) points that I have found that you can employ during  your during face-to-face networking and while communicating online utilizing social media marketing.

Whether you are in person engaging with your target market, or online connecting with your audience,  the similar likenesses used to execute these tactics will assist you in becoming successful with people! Remember: “You are the Key to the Success of Your Business!”

  1. Be more interested in the person you are in front of, than you are about promoting yourself!First impressions are HUGE- When you meet people for the first time, be all about them, and not about you.. your pitch or your method of operation.
  2. Get to know your connection(s) personally. Research the major players that are going to be in attendance at the events you will attend, and do the same for your online connections. Know Your Audience, Know Your Stuff! Share great content that adds value to them and their business endeavors.
  3. Become their biggest fan! Literally and figuratively. Compliment their accomplishments, connect with them online, comment on their blog post, encourage and mention them to others.
  4. Create moments of divine opportunity. You never know when your next big moment will be placed in front of you. Always be prepared to give a reason as to why You are the best choice for them.
  5. When the time is right, you will know. When you make solid connections with people, you just know it. Something clicks, you see things eye-to-eye and feel like “hey, this is a person I would like to do business with.”  Be sure to run with those validations. Whether it is face to face or during your online communications, or taking communication one step farther, via email, telephone calls/Skype, consulting etc.. seal the deal and start what can surely be both parties moving forward,  like-minded and on the road to a beneficial partnership.

Networking is truly where it’s at, and by nature we are all created to be in community with one another. Whether we start our relationships on or offline, we need to strive to carry them one step further in their development by flip-flopping them transversely.  If the relationship starts online, make sure you do try to connect in person or via a webcast or Skype. If the potential for business starts offline do take it online and

Please share your thoughts on what success you’re having networking and forming relationships using your on and offline tactics.

Now, Go Be Awesome!

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